Mission Statement

In partnership with parents and community we will provide equal opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills that foster responsible choices. The school community will nurture, challenge, and guide students towards achieving their maximum potential.

We believe...

  • Students should become creative and critical thinkers
  • Students should solve problems, make decisions, and achieve goals
  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • Schools, parents, and the community must recognize and respect the multicultural society in which we live
  • Students need to be prepared and willing to accept responsibility for learning;
  • Schools, parents, and the community must accept responsibility for educating our children
  • Communication among schools, parents, and the community is essential to the education of our children
  • Schools, parents, and the community should recognize and foster individual learning styles

Educational Goals

  • The student should develop communication skills.
  • The student will develop interpersonal skills.
  • The student will develop a positive self-image.
  • The student will be proficient in the basic skills according to District curriculum.
  • The student will learn to use technology.
  • The student will develop higher-level thinking and problem solving skills
  • The student will be able to apply educational experiences to life
  • The student will become a good global citizen.
  • The student will develop good study skills.
  • The student will view learning as a lifelong experience.

Hardin Public Schools is home to over 2000 students PK-12th who attend classes in seven schools in a geographic area over twice the size of the State of Rhode Island.