Superintenden's Welcome

Chad Johnson, Superintendent


Greetings students, staff, parents and communities of Fort Smith, Crow Agency and Hardin. The 2019-20 school year is nearly upon us! I want to take a moment to welcome everyone back and briefly share a few items as we prepare to start the new school year.

Hardin School Districts has implemented a new “Out-of-District” attendance policy effective immediately throughout ALL schools in our Districts. Simply put, any request from students/families living OUTSIDE our District boundaries will have to appeal to the Board for entry. If you are making a request to “change” schools within the District, at any time, that request will be made of the Superintendent at the District Office.

Registration for Ft Smith Elementary, Hardin Middle and High Schools will be done electronically (similar to last year). Registration for Crow Agency, Hardin Primary and Intermediate Schools will revert to hard copies until our new Student Information System (the summer of 2020) is in place. Thank you for your support in making this transition smooth.

I am excited to announce that all schools throughout the District will be focusing on “trauma sensitive” issues that surround our students and staff throughout the 2019-20 school year. Each school, and the District as a whole, will strive to provide quality professional development, learning sessions and community focused opportunities to inform, recognize and ultimately work with any individual needing trauma sensitive support throughout the year.  

Due to some unforeseen issues, the track project was delayed nearly a month.  We hope to be back on “TRACK” and get the surface done by the end of August so the entire facility will be up and fully functional by the start of the first home football game. We still need all individuals to stay completely off the track until the final surfacing is cured…which will be September 13th, 2019.

Unfortunately, the Parent Center took some serious damage due to fire and we are working vigorously to get that building and those services back as soon as possible.  

Final note…please contact me if you have any questions or comments regarding Hardin Schools District Office matters. Often times, sources of social media are used as a tool to express frustration and displeasure; however, those comments often times contain information that is misleading or not even factual. If you want to know what is really going on at the school, please just stop by or make a quick phone call to the appropriate building and/or personnel.

Thank you students, parents, staff and our surrounding communities for all you do in supporting Hardin School Districts 17H & 1! We look forward to a phenomenal year!