Welcome to Hardin Public Schools Help Desk

The help desk is open from 8am to 4pm with an hour for lunch.
Here are all the ways that you can contact us:
-Staff can come to the tech office to get help, which will be first serve basis.

-You can call extension 1006 and we can help you remotely. 
If we work with you remotely we will send you a link that you can click. We will then ask for the 9 digit code that is given to you from the SOS download. This will give us a chance to work on your computer remotely.

-You can contact us through chat.

-You can submit a help ticket at  

Please log in using your email address to submit a ticket.

After log in you will need to,
  1. Give a brief description of your issue in summery (ie: Printer paper jam, iMac won't turn on, etc..).
  2. Give more detailed description of issue if you are able.
  3. Optionally provide attatchments such as screen shots or files, to better help us meet your current needs.
If you are having any issues accessing our website please contact:
Sandra Francis
Just send me a message about the component that is not accessible and we will work on it.
Thank you for your help!