Community Letter 8-29-2020

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Good morning Hardin District students, staff, parents and community. Please note the following as we prepare to enter our first full week of school throughout the District. 

• In an attempt to be proactive and help ensure the safety and well-being of our students, the Superintendent and Hardin Activities Office, in conjunction with the Big Horn County Public Health Department, our building administrators, school nurse and other health officials; we have found it necessary to interrupt our High School and Middle School fall athletic programs for a period of two weeks starting Friday August 28th. 

We have and continue to advise our students and our athletes to be vigilant in practicing social distancing, wearing masks when appropriate, and holding each other to a high standard of practicing healthy COVID prevention practices to help preserve school and their respective seasons. We feel it is vitally important that we take this opportunity to stress the importance of the seriousness of what we are facing and if we are to have any chance of a sports season and keeping our ability to offer onsite education, observing safe COVID practices is no longer a choice but rather a must throughout our entire community! 

• Onsite school instruction will be in place for the start of the week, August 31, 2020 as detailed to students, staff and parents this past week. However, please note the seriousness of the issue at hand...should students, staff and families NOT practice social distancing, wearing masks and not safely quarantining when requested to do so, it is not only putting onsite school at risk, but also our athletic seasons and the health of all involved. PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU DO NOT FEEL WELL! IF YOU ARE AWAITING COVID TEST RESULTS, PLEASE SELF QUARANTINE TO PROTECT THOSE AROUND YOU! IF YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED TO SELF QUARANTINE, YOUR ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REPORT TO SCHOOL OR ANY SCHOOL RELATED ACTIVITY! Hardin School District 17H & 1 does NOT want to shut our system down, but we need EVERYONE to work diligently in staying safe and practicing good COVID prevention! 

• All bus routes, except routes #4 and #16 will run as scheduled on Monday, August 31, 2020. As requested by the District, students who have completed and returned their transportation enrollment form to the correct schools and are NOT subject to the Crow and Northern Cheyenne “stay-at-home” orders will be eligible to ride. 


Eldon C. Johnson, Supt Hardin School District 17H & 1