Montana Behavior Initiative

"To provide a positive environment that promotes academic and social success for all students."

Welcome to our school MBI page!  We are a silver school and this page will be dedicated to showing you the great things we are working on to help our students succeed.
Baachikitaa'la -Be Respectful: 
feeling good about yourself and making others feel good
Baaliihaa'laala- Be Responsible:
trusted to do the things that are right or expected
Dihchiassia'ah- Be Safe:
no harm done emotionally or physically
Baa'eetcheewila- Be a Learner:
listening to the teacher, completing work, and asking questions

What is MBI All About?

MBI Powerpoint

This is the powerpoint that was shown to new staff and veteran staff as a reminder of what MBI is all about. Some things have been edited since this was created, mainly the minor behavior log form, which is now carbon copy.

What is MBI?

This is How We Do It!

Montana Behavior Initiative (MBI) is a multi-tiered system of support within our school.  It is a state wide system used in many schools that provides levels of support for students and teachers based on the needs. 
There are 3 tiers: Tier 1 includes everyone, Tier 2 is a group of students who need some extra support or skills training to meet the expectations of the school, and Tier 3 is our intensive tier.  The students at this tier require support, strategies, and tools to help them meet their goals for the school day.
These tiers each have data collection tools that the MBI team uses to make decisions on how best to support those within the school so they can learn and be safe.  Below are links for some of the guides for MBI in our school.

Public MBI Links