Library Variance to Standards

Library Variance to Standards

March 1, 2023

Notice of Accreditation Deficiency

Dear Parent/Guardian: Hardin High School is in the process of applying for a renewal Variance to Standards with the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) for the 2023 - 2024 school year. Currently, state accreditation standards require high schools with student populations of 501 - 1000 to employ 1 ½ Library/Media Specialists. Basically, we would need to hire an additional Media Specialist to work ½ days to be in compliance. Hardin High School currently has 1 full-time Library/Media Specialist. Our library is also staffed by a ½ time paraeducator, as well as, student library assistants. 

We started the fall of 2022 with 512 students and this semester “Spring” we have 490 students. We are anticipating a projected student population for fall of 2023 to be 546 students. With that being said, we will again not be in compliance with the state codes. Our high school student numbers fluctuate over the course of the year and we anticipate that number to drop to an average of 506 students. Obviously, our school having adequate Library/Media services is important to the educational environment, but our survey data shows that we are currently able to serve our student population with full library services at our current staffing level. If student numbers continue to increase, we would certainly ascertain the approval to hire an additional Library/Media Specialist.

This application asks the State Board of Public Education to allow us to continue staffing our Library at the current level utilizing a ½ time para-educator and student assistants. We are required to seek parent/guardian input for this application. If approved by OPI, it would be for a 3 year term.

Please contact the high school at (406) 665-6301 and visit with Mr. Hankins, Mrs. Albert, or Mr. Fuchs if you have any issues or concerns with this application/waiver process. We will also be available for questions and concerns during Parent Teacher Conferences on March 16th, time to be announced. Thank-you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Hardin High School - Administrative Team

Mr. Rob Hankins, Principal                     Mrs. Deanna Albert, Assistant-Principal

Mr. Kole Passes, Associate Principal            Mr. Mitch Evans, Administrative Assistant