What is the After School Program?

After School Tutoring is offered to all students who need a place to work or extra help with schoolwork. This is offered in the Library/Commons Area and is staffed with Para-professionals and certified teachers. This is not a mandatory program. Hours are Monday - Thursday 3:30-5:00 PM and 2:00-4:00 PM on Fridays. An activity bus will be available at 5:15 PM Monday through Thursday to transport students to Crow Agency.

What is the Extended School Day Program?

EXTENDED SCHOOL DAY (Mandatory for students failing 2 or more core classes)
Students that are failing two or more core classes will be enrolled in the Extended School Day Program.
 Grades will be checked at the mid-term of the 1st quarter, the end of 1st quarter, mid-term of the 2nd quarter, the end of the 1st semester. Students may be added on a weekly basis, if needed. If a student is notified that he/she must attend the Extended School Day Program they will be required to attend until the next grade check. Students will be notified in their Advisory Class and a letter will be sent to parent/guardians as well.

The Extended School Day Program was created to help the student be successful in the educational setting. By attending the Extended School Day Program, your student will learn study skills, how to get organized and most importantly get the extra help they need. Certified teachers and Para- professionals will be on hand to provide students with guided time needed to complete schoolwork and class specific tutoring.

After School Tutoring and Extended School Day schedule:
  • Monday: Math/English
  • Tuesday: Science/History
  • Wednesday: Math/English
  • Thursday: Science/History

The Extended School Day program runs from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday in the lower level of the library. Students will sign in and will be expected to attend the entire time. An activity bus will be available at 5:15 PM Monday through Thursday to transport students to Crow Agency.

Students who do not attend the MANDATORY Extended School Day Program during the week they are scheduled will have the following consequences: FRIDAY SCHOOL from 2:00-4:00 PM.

What we do

Montana GEAR UP believes that postsecondary education is possible for all Montana students, regardless of economic background. Montana GEAR UP supports schools, students, and their families to increase students’ college and career readiness through academic preparedness, postsecondary planning, and financial aid knowledge so that they may succeed in their education beyond high school.

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