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Scholastic Book Fair

Our Scholastic Book Fair will be November 5th.-8th.  We will be open every monring at 8:00 and will be open all day until 4:00 except on Wednesday and Thursday we will be open from 8:00-7:00.
We will be sending flyers home with students. 

Treasure State Award Books

2018 Treasure State Award Nominee's

Lady Liberty's Holiday  written by: Jen Arena
Little Red Gliding Hood  written by: Tara Lazar
Madeline Finn and the Library Dog  written by: Lisa Papp
There's A Lion In My Cornflakes  written by: Michelle Robinson
They Just Know:  Animal Instincts written by: Robin Yard 
I have read all these books to our first and second grade classes. Each student was able to cast their vote on a ballot for their favorite book. Our school chose Madeline Finn and the Library Dog.  We just received the news on the winner for the 2018 Montana State Award. It is Madeline Finn and the library dog. There were 122 Montana schools that particpated in this program. There were over 14,000 student votes.