Message From Hardin School District

Hardin Families,

I am pleased to announce that Hardin Schools has kicked off a partnership with Parent

As Parents and Guardians in our district, you can now go to their website to sign up for individual parent coaching (INFO) at no cost. Just click "Get Started" then enter "Montana" and "Hardin School District" when prompted. You will have access to a dedicated expert to help with any aspect of parenting you'd like support or advice on.  

Also included in this message is the Parent Guidance September Newsletter.  We will share these monthly newsletters through our various means of communication each month.

We are also partnering with Parent Guidance to host monthly Mental Health Nights, with the first event taking place on September 28th, focusing on School Avoidance. These Mental Health Nights are virtual so if you are in one of our outlying communities you do not have to come in to Hardin! 

Attached are the details for the September event;  View the webinar.

View the full schedule of the monthly events.

Finally, we are in the process of revamping our school website and communication tools. I would love to receive feedback from you as to how we can make our our lines of communication more convenient and user friendly for our families. Please email me at: with any suggestions

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children,

Tobin Novasio


 Webinar Information

My Life Is Worth Living

My Life Is Worth Living Video Series

My Life is Worth Living is the world’s first animated series about teen mental health and suicide prevention. The series includes five powerful stories told over twenty episodes. In each episode, relatable teen characters wrestle with challenges that are all too familiar for many viewers–including depression, bullying, abuse, and trauma–and discover strategies to cope when it feels like their own thoughts are against them. Over the course of each character’s journey, they realize that life is worth living.They don’t go it alone. Each character learns that support can come from family, friends, or even people they least expect and that the comfort of a sympathetic person can provide the relief they didn’t think possible. As the teens learn to share their burdens, cope in healthy ways, and accept support, that self-critical voice becomes less intrusive, and those bad situations become more hopeful. They learn that life at times can seem bleak, and that negative thoughts are often part of the experience, but also that we all deserve love and support, that no situation is hopeless, and that their lives are worth living.

Click Here for the Video Descriptions

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